About Martha & The Colour File

Hello from The Colour File. I’m Martha Roberts and I am a self-confessed obsessive when it comes to colourful things. I’ve been passionate about colour for as long as I can remember and seek it out wherever I can, whether it’s in clothes, interiors, art – anywhere, in fact. I started The Colour File blog and Instagram feed to formalise this obsession and to hopefully spread some colourful joy.

I’m an award-winning journalist with extensive experience on national newspapers and magazines where I mainly write about lifestyle, health and wellness. I am also a columnist and regular writer for Psychologies magazine where I am just about to start a monthly colour column to investigate how colour makes us think, act and feel.

I live in west London with my son who is a colour fanatic in-the-making (no surprise there!) and when I’m not collecting and collating colourful objects to photograph for Instagram, you’ll find me running or at gigs.

Thanks for dropping by to take a look. Follow me on Instagram. You’ll find me @the_colour_file


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