What’s your earliest colour memory?

The perfect purple.
I’ve loved colour for as long as I can remember. My passion for it is at the core of some of my earliest memories. There’s the photo of me blowing out candles on a cake decorated with ultra-purple icing (at my insistence) on my second birthday (our front door was also painted purple and my mum had a purple crocheted beret – again, I was very emphatic…it was purple all the way….).

Then there’s the pic of me looking unimpressed in a way only a cross four-year-old can when my mum insisted I wear the blue dress rather than the red one because ‘it goes better with your hair’ (can redheads wear red? Hell, yes!). I railed against colour rules even then. Decades on, I still like to see colour and pattern rules being challenged.

That blue dress…

To this day, after my son, colour is still the thing that rocks my world the most. Actually, even motherhood has afforded me opportunities to extol my love of colour, and I have to say that when my son recently declared, ‘Look, Mum! I’ve put my exercise books in colour order!’ I thought, ‘Yup, my work is done!’

“Only orange is missing, Mum…” That’s my boy…

This blog is dedicated to colour and the sharing of gorgeous objects I encounter along the way, whether it’s in interiors, fashion, art or nature. Or elsewhere. Anywhere! They may be extraordinary things or just ordinary things  (like pieces of plastic sea-rubbish or an item on a car boot trestle table) because I’m often bowled over most by gorgeous colours found in pedestrian, unexpected places.

But first things first…you’ve seen one of my earliest colour memories, now I’d like to see yours. Please send them to me – I’m all ears (and eyes!).

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