10th March ’17: Burnished colours

It’s Friday – you’ve made it!
Today at The Colour File, it’s a day for burnished colours 🌺🦊☀️. An odd choice for Spring, I hear you say, but there is method in my madness. I’m planning to paint my front door so I’ve been doing my favourite thing – poring over paint cards. I think I’ve settled on
@littlegreenepaintcompany‘s Orange Aurora – a rich hue that, I think, can’t work out if it’s pink or orange (I love colours that play with the eye). In the process, I’ve realised how beautifully this cluster of paints go together, so I thought I’d play with them.
Angie (blush pink), Marigold (mandarin orange) and Orange Aurora team so well with sludgy Light Bronze Green and Invisible Green – I’m imagining a wall done in one of these to showcase the pink and orange (the colour on the wall behind is currently Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground). The fabric is Manuel Canovas Bengale toile and Lizzo’s delicious Boheme cotton velvet which feels so 1970s. Some phenomenal VVRouleaux striped grosgrain running through the centre picks out the paint card colours and more.
I hope you like it. Happy Friday.

Martha, The Colour File x


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