13th March ’17: Blue-green & pale pink

Happy Monday, colour-lovers 👍🏻💚
I hope you had a colour-filled and joyful weekend, just as I did. Here are some gentle colours to ease you into a new week. Today I’ve gone for blue-greens and pale pinks. Over the weekend I spent time scouring Crouch End for colour inspiration with my textile designer cousin Lisa James (more on her soon – you’ll love her style, trust me). I was mainly hunting for peach for my ‘peach challenge’ (@bertygirl1 I’m getting there 😊😘) but found other gems along the way. One was a beautiful Duchess of Malfi Penguin Classic which I’ve put with some other favourites, including a decorative Virago Modern Classics book which I bought entirely for its cover, and car boot finds in the form of the owl, shell pink Metamec clock and pink vintage souvenir Hereford jug. I’m pretty sure that looking at this cluster of objects brings my blood pressure down 🌿🍑❤️ What do you think of it? Have a great day, lovely people 🌈😘

Martha, The Colour File x

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