15th March ’17: Navy, ochre & rose

Happy Wednesday, folks.
I was trying to do a pure navy/indigo on its own but my car boot pen pot (left) inspired me to throw in ochre and dark rose pink with a splash of green (what you don’t see is that the pot also has a tiny green china frog in it that is revealed when you drain your drink 🐸). I think I love colour combinations too much to only stick to one!!!
I have to confess, dear Colour Filers, that these colours haven’t worked 100 per cent for me in the sense that I’m not sure I’ve done them justice. Creative angst!!! But hopefully you like them (and might even advise on how you think the scene could be improved. Maybe a dusky pink rose might have worked better?
What would you have done? Thoughts please. I value your feedback 😘). One of the books has been borrowed from @rebelnottaken after I discovered a drought when it comes to navy (I am currently scouring sources to rectify this).
On the next page I’ve put some paint suggestions together to compliment the shelfscape – Little Greene’s Carmine 189, Yellow-Pink 46 and Hick’s Blue 208. And, of course, my trusty backdrop is a @farrowandball black. Have a tip-top day

Martha, The Colour File x 🌈

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