19th March ’17: Colourful creative chaos

Happy Sunday, folks ❤️🦁🐥💚👕👖👾🙅🏼
I’m busy beavering away on some colourful creations for your delectation and am currently lusting over a batch of delicious, retro-style wallpapers that ping me right back to my childhood, when my bedroom was decorated in purple paisley. I loved it so much that I nostalgically kept a strip of it after it was ripped down when I was five, though sadly I mislaid it (am thinking it may have encountered a bin shortly after I squirrelled it away….)
I can’t wait to share these new paisley prints with you. In the meantime, I was just about to tidy up my creative clutter at The Colour File HQ when I realised how glorious it looked. So here it is – colourful chaos to calm you as you edge towards the start of another week, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms.

See you tomorrow

Martha, The Colour File x

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