1st April ’17: Car boot finds

Happy Sunday, colour-lovers 🐙🦊😊🐛🐋👾☂️.
As you plough your way through the Sunday papers, my second-in-command and I are off scouting for a little bit of preloved amazingness at our local car boot sale (my idea of perfection is, naturally, anything faded and unwanted by others, whereas his may well be along the Lego or Nerf Guns line). Yesterday, we went with chum @sophietodaro to a good old-fashioned jumble sale, in aid of newly settled refugee families in Lambeth (in case you don’t remember, jumble sales are what happened in the olden days before people thought that waking at crazy o’clock to flog stuff in a muddy field was a good idea). I found some gorgeous things, including this embroidered shawl (used here as a tablecloth), a Poole pottery jam pot and a citron yellow beaded necklace which have spent the lion’s share of yesterday acquainting themselves with previous second-hand acquisitions (by the looks of it, they’re getting on like a house on fire. Incidentally, the only new things in this pic are the @loafhome bed and the @designersguild

Martha, The Colour File x

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