1st April ’17: Black & multi

Happy, lazy Saturday, folks.
I am, I have to confess, super-excited because it is, once again, that time of the month – car boot sale weekend. I’ve been a car-booter for decades and the thrill of it has never diminished. When my uni friends were having long Sunday lie-ins, I’d head down early to a car boot sale behind Brighton station in search of bargains. I bought rugs (I remember hauling one home, up one of Brighton’s many hills), furniture, textiles, clothes and ceramics, many of which I still have, decades on. I’ve been to one this morning and have picked up OODLES of goodies, so tomorrow’s pic will be made from today’s heist. In the meantime, here’s a montage of black and multicolour, snapped on last weekend’s colour hunt. As you know from my shelfscapes, I think black is the universal donor of the interiors world – pretty much everything looks great against it. I adore these three stunning retro lamp bases @theoldcinemalondon (you’d have to buy all three, don’t you think?), some old ammunition boxes and the most STUNNING Liberty September linen mix fabric in Roslynd. I love these coloured tumblers stacked up at @t2tea They are the perfect way to inject colour into your kitchen if you’re not sure where to start, I feel.

The Colour File x

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