23rd March ’17: Paisley print

© Martha Roberts

Happy Thursday, folks 🦋🌼🐻. I did it again…I went in search of colour and found macaroons…happily, they go perfectly with today’s shelfscape (aren’t those the best props – ones that are beautiful AND delicious?). Here is one of those stunning modern paisleys I was telling you about – Patara by @osborneandlittle. I am such a pattern geek that when I received the sample with two blues and acid yellow (reminds me of #farrowandball Yellowcake) it actually made me squeal with joy.
I’ve put it with a couple of fabulous tumblers from my new favourite company, Mini Moderns @minimoderns whose patterns are the best of retro design repackaged for modern times. They’re lovely to drink from but are, I think, perfect for sticking flowers and pens in, too. I’m such a colourphile that I couldn’t believe my luck when my @crafterscompuk pencils and pens looked so divine in the yellow one (there really is no hope for me…🙃). The pot on the right is a recent bargain from Oxfam and originally it did have a pale green macaroon with it too but, dear reader, I ate it. Pale green, picking out the green from the pot, goes brilliantly with this scene but I’m afraid you’re just going to have to take my word for it…😁 Have a fabulous Thursday ❤️🦊🦁🌼🌿🦋👖👾☂️
By the way, the other Patara colourways are supreme, too, as you’ll see on the next pages. Tip: If you’re not ready for a whole wall of bold wallpaper but you love it, frame an A4 sample and live with the joy of it that way. I’ll demonstrate this soon 🌈

Martha, The Colour File x


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