22nd March ’17: Cerulean blue

Welcome to Wednesday 💙👕👖👔🐟🦋🐳🐬💦💧
As I haven’t done one for a few days, I thought I’d give you another ‘noir’ shelfscape, this time in calming cerulean blue – my very favourite blue and one that makes me think of peace and calm and must surely, SURELY lower blood pressure. I found it dotted around Colour File HQ in various guises, from a painted glass vase and a bottle of does-what-it-says-on-the-tin Light Blue perfume through to a strokably-soft swatch of @designersguild Pugin fabric in Sky that has been taped to a wall for ages as an object of lust (and yes, I do stroke it from time to time…). The other fabric – a Designers Guild Zeno houndstooth – takes the cerulean blue through to a slightly more aqua place and, I think, shows how these light blues can be very happy in each other’s company. Oh, and books. I think you know by now that at The Colour File, we LOVE books. Have a tip-top day – hope the skies are the very best of blues for you.

Martha, The Colour File x

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