27th March ’17: Purple & orange

©Martha Roberts

Happy Monday, fellow colour-lovers.
What a life-affirming weekend of friends, family and, of course, colour. 🌈☀️ I’ve gathered so many fantastic, eye-poppingly colourful objects and images for you over the weekend, it’s as much as I can do to stop myself revealing them all in one go. As it was Mother’s Day, I indulged in a spot of nostalgic poring over old photos and greetings cards and chanced upon a card from my third birthday. The colours are bold and daring, and so came the inspiration for today’s shelfscape – that sumptuous blend of orange, red and pink that the late 60s brazenly passed to the early 70s like the baton in a relay race – ‘Take it! Don’t look back! Now RUN!!!’ I even managed to find a vintage doll that could be @clothkits in that colourway (hands up who had a Clothkits dress? I think mine was blue and purple – divine!). I am a massive fan of these colours, especially with some purple chucked in for good measure. The purple hyacinth/orange @minimoderns beaker combination is, I think, joyous. Have a fantabulous day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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