30th March ’17: Brown & beige…

Here we are at #throwbackThursday.
This little imp is me, looking like an extra from Little House On The Prairie and sporting a haircut that I’m pretty sure I did myself with my mum’s pinking shears (or was it the result of an emergency scalping after I made myself a necklace out of bubblegum from a Two Ball Screw Ball ice cream? Yes, really…)
Anyway, the reason I’m sharing this pic is because I’m wearing brown and beige in it – two colours you just won’t see me in now. Me in brown and beige. I know – hard to fathom. I love these colours in nature (especially shells, stones and, of course, trees) but that’s where I’ve always felt they should stay. However, as I wax lyrical about colour on a daily basis, I think it’s only right that I pick brown and beige for my team once in a while, instead of leaving them looking constantly dejected and rejected on the sidelines. Not only that but I’m sure there’ll be many of you lovely people who adore them. So, I’m setting myself a design challenge of not just using these colours but embracing them, too. I have some ideas…What are your thoughts about brown and beige? I’d love to know. Have a happy Thursday. Another posting to follow in a bit.

Martha, The Colour File x

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