31st March ’17: Asymmetry rules

Happy, happy Friday from The Colour File.
Friday means flowers (don’t EVER wait for someone to treat you – those are valuable bloom-free days you’ll never get back) so here are not one but three bunches for you, even if they’re only of the virtual variety (buy yourself some real ones on the way home – you have my permission 😀). As you may have gathered, at The Colour File we are big fans of asymmetry and love to challenge notions that everything should match. And yet here are three beakers that are conceptually the same, lined up together, matching in some capacity yet being so individual, all at the same time. I’ve only got one child but friends who have more tell me, in awe and wonderment, ‘They couldn’t be more different – it’s hard to believe they’re siblings.’ For me, these @minimoderns beakers are like that – same origins, same start in life but capable of expressing themselves in very different, individual and quirky ways whilst remaining a tight, enduring team. I see this as an unorthodox ‘family portrait’ of eclectic yet connected objects that are happy to be different but glad of the sameness, too (I somehow imagine them jostling for position and winding each other up in true sibling fashion – ‘I’m going in the middle this time!’ ‘No, just because you’re the eldest doesn’t mean you always get to choose!’).
Anyway, have a tip-top day and I shall see you all soon.

The Colour File x

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