4th March ’17

© Martha Roberts

It’s Saturday! And it’s a sunny one (well, at least it is in London). Pink, green and a smattering of yellow are, I think, a winning team – reminiscent of Spring, Easter and New Beginnings. I found these colours on a delicious @golaclassics messenger bag & fake flowers in @tkmaxx and on this delicious textured Etamine fabric by @zimmerandrohde in my favourite (and thankfully local) interior design shop, @insiderdealingsw4. This morning I’m at The Colour File mecca that is the V&A where the glass department never disappoints. And last but not least, I’ve snuck in a pic of me and my fantabulous friend, Pascale, AKA @style_mum, bathed in pink and green light after a brilliant @hotpatooties event in Hoxton. Always good to venture beyond the obvious for your colour inspiration. Enjoy your weekend, lovely people. Martha, The Colour File x

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