8th March ’17: Power from purple

Happy Wednesday, one and all 💜🙋🏻💜
At long last, it’s a day for purple – a Colour File favourite. I love the classic Tom Ford ombré de hyacinth perfume box with its stylish lilac on black (I wish you could smell it – trust me, it’s like wearing Spring), a vintage Flavigny Violet Pastilles tin (a car boot find from last weekend) and a length of VV Rouleaux #vvrouleaux picot edge ribbon bought for its beauty and with no particular plan in mind (at last it has found a purpose in life 💜). The Roger Oates houndstooth Elgin carpet in Heather with an accent of pastel colours, is so perfect it takes my breath away.
I love to put different types of objects together, whether it’s books, ceramics or fabric – I let the colour lead and I simply follow 😀
One more thing to say about purple – it’s also the colour of the suffragette movement so as it’s International Women’s Day today, it’s only right that purple reigns supreme 💜🙋🏻💜

Martha, The Colour File x

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