9th March ’17: Yellow & black

Happy Thursday from The Colour File 🖤💛🐝
I’ve been busily reading a batch of smart-thinking and self-help books for my monthly @PsychologiesMagazine ‘How To’ column. As well as increasing my knowledge (I love my job ❤️), in true colour-lover style, one of the things that has struck me most is how many of these books are yellow or have yellow accents. Maybe it’s because yellow gives a feeling of hope and positivity – a kind of ‘Yes! You can do it!’ vibe that radiates from the cover and inspires before you’ve even turned to the first page. So here are some of my recent yellow reads to energise you, alongside anemones & daffodils, classical music scores from my schooldays, a vintage Dinky toy and a newer one from Disney’s Cars (both pilfered from my son’s collection – don’t worry, Ezra, you’ll get them back 😁). I’ve teamed the yellow with black (including a car boot clock and @farrowandball Off Black on the wall behind) because it turns out it’s not just bees this colour-way works for: I think it makes for a really clean and sophisticated look for a feature shelf, too. What are your thoughts? What colour-ways would YOU like to see? Do let me know…I love a colour challenge! 🖤💛🐝🌈 

Martha, The Colour File x

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