Red and green

Here’s a dose of red and green, despite the popular saying that dictates they should never be seen together (Rules? What rules?).

However, I’m not going to lie to you: green and I haven’t always got along.

As a freckled, pigtailed, redheaded child (think Pippy Longstocking – see second pic…), it was assumed there were colours I should steer clear of (red, pink, yellow – basically anything cheery, from what I can make of the ‘Redhead Rules’) and those I should stick to (green, brown, beige and anything ‘autumnal’ that I maintain are best worn by armchairs).

As a result, I banished green for a very long time until I realised I was missing out on combining it with other colours with very pleasing results (not least green and pink – ah, green and pink…how I adore you 💚💕

Certain hues of green can still be challenging for me so I’m loving the fact that The Colour File is giving me the chance to carry on pushing out the green boundaries, as I’ve done with today’s noir shelfscape.

I’ve matched a @minimoderns London Lichen green beaker with a red geranium candle by textile designer @orlakiely, along with my beloved books and one of @marinefighter999’s Dinky toys.

I think they really compliment each other – the green calms the red down and the red cheers the green up, and somehow they are meeting in the middle in a very good place. What do you think?

Martha, The Colour File x

© Martha Roberts

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