8th April ’17: Neon brights

Happy Saturday, lovely people.
Isn’t this sunshine just incredible? Everything looks super-bright in this light and all the colours are singing their hearts out. That’s here in the UK – maybe where you are it’s not so zingy. So here are some acid brights to spread a little Spring joy wherever you are. The fabulous chair is in @marksandspencer (and yes, I did put an extra cushion on it…) while the trainers were, sadly, kids ones (@marinefighter999 wasn’t interested). And although I have absurdly small feet for an adult, to squeeze into those would have entailed an Ugly Sisters moment. The ribbons? Now there’s a story. My family are Welsh and when I was a little girl, I used to sing at a children’s Welsh singing festival called the Eisteddfod Y Plant, held annually at the London Welsh Centre. I couldn’t speak Welsh but my mum could and she taught me songs phonetically, for which I won prizes (those are my rosettes – aren’t they pretty? I found them in my attic the other day). I can still recall most of the songs today. Each morning I can’t remember where I put my car but I CAN remember how to sing Welsh songs from when I was four 🤔. Anyway, enjoy your day, folks. And don’t forget to look at the blog tomorrow to see the first of The Colour File’s Q&As with colour influencers.

Martha, The Colour File x

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