10th April ’17: The stationery gene

Happy Monday, my colourful friends 🌸💕👾💙🦋.
You’ve caught me in the middle of a scissor inventory at The Colour File HQ. It currently stands at 19, and counting. Because I’m female, I was, of course, born with the dominant stationery gene and it seems to have expressed itself most strongly in my fondness for scissors. I’ve particularly loved them ever since I turned my big brother’s school photo into an impromptu jigsaw puzzle when I was four and cut myself a wonky Friar Tuck fringe shortly after. I’m not alone in my scissor-love – here are just a few pairs belonging to @zoeellinson, snapped over the weekend and providing me with a pink, blue and indigo vibe in the process. The stunning pattern (bottom left) is on a seriously swishy skirt in @celesteandrosechiswick and the books are @fostersbookshop (where the long-suffering Stephen allows me to snap as well as buy). How many pairs of scissors do you have? Come on, fess up…You’ve got too many, you say? Worry not, send them my way. I’m aiming for an even 20…or is that 30?…😉✂️✂️✂️
Martha, The Colour File x

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