12th April ’17: Books rainbow

Happy Wednesday, folks 🐙🦀🦁🐥🐛🦋👕👖👾☂️💕

It feels like a day for books. In colour order, naturally. All is well with the world. When I’m not writing, I work part-time as a school librarian. I encourage the children to devour books and push themselves out of their comfort zones, tell them to ‘sshhhhhh!’ on an unsurprisingly regular basis and look in horror when they fold down the corners of pages to keep their place (you do that, too? I don’t want to know).
I also try to reinforce the concept of putting books in alphabetical and/or subject order in preparation for the real world rather than the colour-crazy one I appear to occupy (though I did once ask a couple of eager youngsters looking to earn kudos if they’d organise the @ladybirdbooks by colour. They obliged and waddyaknow? One happy librarian). The cotton reels give me hours of unfettered joy, not only because of their striking hues but by virtue of their names, too (and the winner is…….Radiant Blue, with Gladiole a close second). Have a tip-top colour-filled day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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