14th April ’17: Bank Holiday blooms

Happy (Good) Friday, folks.
I was in the garden at Colour File HQ yesterday, looking up at the cherry blossom and laburnum blooms against an azure Spring sky when inspiration struck for today’s shelfscape. I adore this colour trio: pale pink, chick yellow and fresh green. Utterly delicious. I even managed to reach a laburnum bloom (with the aid of a stepladder – I was at the back of the queue when they handed out height genes) to add to the shelfscape. I love its drapey nonchalance, tumbling down over the jug. I found these pastel-coloured books of plays at the @amnesty bookshop in Hammersmith and was wowed by how beautifully faded the spines had become, no doubt from years of sitting clustered together on a shelf somewhere before they were donated. I may pop a pic of the covers up later because, shielded from sunlight, they retained their vibrancy and are a real treat for the eyes. I love seeing the contrast between faded colours and what they once were. Have a great colour-filled Bank Holiday and I shall see you later.

Martha, The Colour File x

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