14th April ’17: Pastel tomes

Hello again, lovely people 🍎🍊🍋🌵💎🍆🔮
Here are some of those pretty Easter-perfect, jewel-coloured books I promised you earlier. There are a couple of blue-hued books I’ve been itching to share with you, too, but I’ve increasingly discovered that the blues I’m snapping often don’t transpose from real life into picture form and I end up disappointed (I want to share their glory with you!). Even the blue from the spines of these Graham Greene collection isn’t as ‘true’ as I saw it. My scientist dad tells me it’s because of the ‘relative sensitivity of the eye compared to the spectral sensitivity of the diodes in the camera and, ultimately, the screen.’ In other words, the eye and the camera have their own spectral characteristics so the colours are prone to be different (the colour from a printer would be different, too, apparently). Wow. Aren’t scientists amazing? And aren’t colours amazing, too?

Martha, The Colour File x

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