15th April ’17: Ah, pink & green…

Happy Saturday, my colourful friends 💕💚🎀🔫🌸🍀
I just have one thing to say: pink and green. Ah, pink and green, how I love you 💕💚. I once said on an online dating profile that if I were a poet, I’d pen ‘An Ode To Cheese’, such is the extent of my love for it. Unfathomable though it may seem, I now think ‘An Ode To Pink and Green’ may have displaced cheese as my creative inspiration (though my poetry is, I fear, pretty woeful so let’s just leave it as a literary concept for now, shall we?). I spied pink and green on a couple of transport pamphlets at a boot sale and in the form of bleeding hearts in my dad’s garden. My second-in-command is demonstrating perfectly that real men CAN wear pink. Enjoy your day, folks, and I may see you later.

Martha, The Colour File x

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