15th April ’17: An Easter hat trick

Hi folks 💕🍀🌸💚🎀
It would seem that today is your lucky day (or, if you’ve had your fill of my ramblings already, your unlucky day). It’s a Colour File hat trick. I am putting this pic up because I chanced upon the mind-blowingly exciting @blackhenvintage as I drove through Kent today and picked up some little gems such as this peach lustreware glass jug (much to my second-in-command’s chagrin – ‘Can we GO – NOW!’) which I just have to share with you this instant. For today, I have a new and talented design assistant in the form of 11-year-old Yasmine who lent me the fabulous fabric and books, and scouted around in her garden for the greenery. Hasn’t she done well? I would say ‘see you tomorrow’, but who knows – another post may still happen yet…😁

Martha, The Colour File x

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