15th April ’17: Cobalt blue & red

Good afternoon, folks 💙❤️💙❤️
Yesterday, I mentioned blue, in particular my consternation at photos of it not appearing ‘true blue’ enough. Well, here are some blues, snapped at a recent car boot sale, that have definitely not let me down (I’m coming to the conclusion it’s the washed-out blues that are the most camera-shy). As I said in an earlier post, I think red and blue together – especially this cobalt blue – totally rock. @gucci loves them and so do I 💙❤️. Such a strong combination. I can imagine them plotting, and saying to each other, ‘Come on! Waddya say we go out and rule the world together?’ Who’d dare to challenge them? Not me. Have a tip-top day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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