16th April ’17: Craft-time

So, what do you do when you’ve eaten all the eggs? You have a crafting/drawing session instead. It’s a hive of activity here, I tell you – pens and paper all over the place. And we are all in our element, from aged four up to, erm, I’ve forgotten….Top left is a pen pot by yours truly (work in progress, for sure) and top right is an incredible piece of patchwork by Yasmine (11) that I’m planning to pinch when she’s not looking (not really – a simple snap of it gives me joy aplenty. Isn’t it tremendous?) And scissors. So many pairs. I actually squealed with joy when I found these at the antiques place @blackhenvintage yesterday (you may have heard me). Anyway, as you were. Back to your afternoon film, and I’ll see you anon.

Martha, The Colour File x

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