17th April ’17: Car-booty

Happy Monday, lovely people 🌼🌊🌸💎🎀🐥
There are vague thoughts of going car-booting today, but Easter continues to rule the roost so painting eggs may be the order of the day instead. In the absence of rummaging around in car boot boxes, I’m giving you a picture of some previous car boot delights instead, with hints of pink, yellow and blue. I love the hubbub and the mayhem of these things all piled together (although can you imagine the din from them all jockeying for position? ‘Oi!!!! Budge up! You’ve got your pin in my side!’). My fantabulous friend Jules says the pom-poms remind her of fluffy Spring chicks. What I wouldn’t do to see a pink, yellow and blue chick, but I might have to content myself with painting an egg those colours instead. See you soon.

Martha, The Colour File x

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