17th April ’17: Easter eggs

Hello again, Colour Filers. 
So here are the painted eggs from today’s crafting session (followed by copious pancakes – well, why waste a good egg?). Didn’t they do well? Continuing with the Spring vibe, here are a cute cluster of some favourite plates, piled with Easter delectables (my second-in-command made himself useful by ‘helping’ to dispose of these edible props once done with). The fabric underneath is some delectable @wrendaledesigns ‘Hares’ – I have visions of it in a nursery (not mine, that’s for sure…😮 Your’s maybe?…) or on some cushions, plumped up on a bench in the shade of a lush tree on a hot summer’s day. I hope your Bank Holiday weekend is proving to be as crafty and colourful as ours. See you on the other side.

Martha, The Colour File x

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