19th April ’17: Life Force Green

Happy Wednesday, lovely people 💚🍀👒🐸🌿🍃🌳
Do you ever have those moments in life where you’re reminded of the brevity, the shortness, the fragility of it all? Life events have brought this to the fore for me in the past few days and are reminding me of the need to cherish even the smallest of things and to never get so bored that you forget how amazing life actually is. This green reminds me of that – of the fact that even though things come and go, new life (and with it, new hope) always manages to spring forth. This green zings and tingles with hope and possibility. In fact, from this point onwards I think I’ll be calling it ‘Life Force Green’. I found it in some @designersguild fabric and on a @carriereichardt mosaic in the garden of @rebelnottaken, staring intently from the wall. I love these ranunculus, too, in this delicate feathered green. So rare to see them in this fabulous hue. And, of course, these magnificent Penguin Classics. I hope it helps to give you some joy today, too, and reminds you that, all in all, life is a pretty cool place to be.

Martha, The Colour File x

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