22nd April ’17: Colour therapy

Kapow!!!! 🔥⚡️☄️💥
Just LOOK at these colours. They’re making my heart sing. When life gets turbulent and crunchy, which it sometimes does, colour helps. At least, it seems to for me. My learned friend @pollyvernononce told me that fashion is like an antidepressant you wear on the outside: a new outfit or accessory is basically like Prozac for the heart and soul, only much prettier. In my rainbow-obsessed world, I have come to realise that, whether I’m wearing it, sitting amongst it, sewing with it or simply looking at it like a wolf staring at the moon, immersing myself in colour helps to take me out of darkness and into a brighter place. Even in deep, bleak moments (and I’ve had plenty of them, believe me), colour has given me hope and future and, like some spectral life force, helped to pull me away from some very difficult places. As I’ve sat and chosen these pictures for you, they have been giving me succour and joy. I keep on diving back in to take another sneaky peek, and my excitement doesn’t seem to be diminishing (you’re not the first one to call me bonkers). Here’s yet another @Gucci #ss17 piece, an embroidered multicoloured knit top that I think is pure design genius. Below that is a belt buckle and next to it a capacious floral bag, both in #Oxfam and waiting to inject colour joy into some lucky shopper’s life. And finally, a picture of creative chaos at The Colour File HQ in all its random, technicolour glory. I’m off to look for more colour today – see it as a kind of colour therapy, if you will. I hope your day is as joyous as mine.

Martha, The Colour File x

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