22nd April ’17: In praise of green

Happy Saturday, you lovers of green 💚🖤💚🖤
Yes, I mean you. My ‘Life Force Green’ montage the other day drove you, well, a little bit crazy, as it goes. So who am I to keep you from more green? I spied these impossibly high emerald shoes at @hmtoday (so high they’re the sorts of shoes I’d take off when I’m walking home from a night of dancing to schlep through the streets barefoot. Yes, really. I’ve done it before). The @charlotte_olympia bag is just DIVINE beyond measure (and is a limited edition collaboration in aid of Women For Women #SheInspiresMe – beautiful AND ethical. I drooled over it excessively at @style_mum‘s event the other day) and the fabric is @kirkbydesign Eden Piccadilly from its Underground range. Makes me think of all those years when I rode the Underground to secondary school (thankfully no more smoking carriages now – it was a bad day if I had to jump into one of those in a hurry). The green bowl is jelly and ice-cream with sprinkles at my super-stylish cousin Lisa’s house, which, of course, I had to place on her gorgeous tiled floor for maximum visual impact (to cries of ‘Oh MUM! Can’t I just EAT it?!?!!’). Anyway, as you were. See you on the other side for another Colour File colour influencer interview.

Martha, The Colour File x 

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