25th April ’17: Bright stripes

Happy Tuesday, Colour Filers.
Well, I say ‘happy’, though my second-in-command isn’t best pleased to be returning to school today (despite the carrot of a Bank Holiday offered in a vain attempt to lift his spirits). If you’re feeling much the same, let me share with you a glimpse of my wonderful (and aptly entitled) ‘Happy Happy’ picture by @danbaldwinart. It brings a spectrum of joy into The Colour File HQ each day. I love the grids as much as the colours because they make me think of studying a map of New York (my favourite city after London by a country mile) to decide whether my feet can handle the throb of just one more block (or three). The other coloured pics were snapped at boot sales. I’ve no idea what the record is but it reminds me of the first 7″ I ever got – Angelo by Brotherhood of Man which I recall instructing my friend Rachel Bradley to buy me for my seventh birthday. What was YOUR first single?

Martha, The Colour File x


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