26th April ’17: Crazy about stitching

Happy Wednesday, lovely people.
Unless you’ve been living on another planet (and even then you may have clocked it) you can’t fail to have noticed the profusion of embroidery everywhere SS17. I love any form of stitching, whether it’s crewelwork, tapestry or this embroidered top (found in a charity shop, naturally). Even machine embroidery thrills me. There’s something about the texture, the back and forth, the clever up and down of the stitching, that is so deliciously satisfying. I embroidered a butterfly onto a vest for my mum in the 1970s and she loved it so much it inspired her to have a butterfly tattoo on her back – for her 60th birthday. Anyway, here are some embroidered @charlotte_olympia pumps and palm tree wallpaper in @insiderdealingsw4 that reminded me of the stitching on my top. I have a house full of embroidered items so I’ll share some more with you soon. Have a tip-top day.
Martha, The Colour File x

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