26th April ’17: In love with white

Good afternoon, Colour Filers.
Now, grab yourself a seat. Ok, are you sat down? I have some shocking news. I’m in love with colour but I’m also in love with white. I know. I told you you’d be shocked. A cup of sugary tea, maybe? Actually, it was, strangely, these rows of white egg cups that were the start of my montage shenanigans. I was in Bordeaux visiting my stylish friend Jules @lilyblakeboutique last summer when I spotted them in a local antiques shop (and, on the same day, the button drawers in a haberdashers that was like stepping back to a time when people actually made and mended rather than buying and binning). That was it – the die was cast. There isn’t heaps of white at The Colour File HQ but it’s definitely represented, and I’ve recently had a thought about white in relation to curtains that I think even surprised the unshockable Sally @insiderdealingsw4 (who, when it comes to people’s fabric choices, has heard it all). I shall reveal all soon.

Martha, The Colour File x

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