28th April ’17: Feeling peachy

Happy happy Friday, pals 🍑🍑🍑
I’m fascinated by forecasting, not of the weather variety like most Brits but the colour trending kind. I love the idea that there are folks out there who are actually paid to decide what colours we’ll be wearing or using in our homes (now THAT sounds like a cool job!!). Personally, I’ve had a feeling about peach for a while now, ever since buying a preloved peach @thisiswhistles jumper and feeling it was so wrong that it was right (will share soon). Then I read it’s going to be everywhere SS18 – plenty more to come, so it seems, as hinted at by this @charlotte_olympia Barbie dressing table bag. As a teenager I hated peach and I remember buying my mum a peach bath towel one Christmas under great sufferance (I don’t think I ever told me friends, such was my shame…in the 1980s we saw peach as utterly naff and I would have been guilty by association). But since spending six months in India where most sunsets and sunrises – as well as much of the landscape – goes through shades of nude and peach each day, I’ve seen it differently (here’s a pic I took from the River Ganges in Varanasi early one morning). My spare room is painted in @farrowandball‘s Pink Ground which, with a large dose of yellow in it, is THE best nude-verging-on-peach I know of and, with a flood of late sunlight pouring into it, looks like an Indian dusk. And as for the ‘party in a box’ of entwined Action Men and friends I snapped at a car boot sale: you’re welcome.

Martha, The Colour File x

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