29th April ’17: Chameleon green

Happy Saturday, folks 💚🦎🐊👒
Are you a fan of Where’s Wally? The kids at the school where I’m a part-time librarian love it so much that we often end up playing ‘Where’s the Where’s Wally’ book because they can’t resist hiding it from everybody else (it’s always stashed under the bookshelves, in case you were wondering). I love things that are camouflaged and hidden – colour against same colour, pattern against same pattern. My cousin @maillisajamesmyzencouk has a downstairs loo whose door has the same @cole_and_son_wallpapers Woods wallpaper as the walls and when you’re in there you feel like you could be, well, getting back to nature. What I’m loving about this cluster of today’s green objects is the fact they share both colour AND pattern style. So pleasingly geometric, from the @designersguild Pugin fabric on the sofa to the beaded green beauty (it has trousers, too) in @wildswansfashion and the @charlotte_olympia plant-inspired shoes and bag. I have images of sitting, chameleon-like, dressed from head to toe in green, reclining on the sofa whilst I read the green book. And, of course, I could sit there for hours because no one would be able to see me 👍🏻💚😄Anyway, have a tip-top day, folks. Possibly see you later.
Martha, The Colour File x

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