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Gretchen Rubin: My Colourful World

Gretchen Rubin is a global authority on happiness – possibly THE global authority. Here, she tells The Colour File’s Martha Roberts what colour/color means to her… Martha: Can you describe your first colour memory? Gretchen: I remember being very intrigued by the beautiful and unusual color combinations in Ludwig Bemelmans’s classic picture book, Madeline. Martha: […]

25th May ’17: Crimson joy

Happy Thursday, lovely people ❤️🚒🏎🗼☎️⏰🎈✂️🖍❤️ I’m still giddy from last Saturday’s @libertylondon colour pilgrimage. I can’t recommend it enough if, like me, you appear to need colour as much as you need oxygen. I fell in love with the @manoloblahnikhq shoes in bright, captivating jewel colours (NB to the woman trying on the cobalt blue […]

22nd May ’17: Celebrating rainbow-style

Happy Monday, dear friends 🎟 ❤️📙🔑🔫🗾⛴👾☂️ It’s a day of celebration today – celebrating the life of my uncle Merv (whose memorial service we’ve been asked to wear bright colours for – consider it done ✔️) and also celebrating my birthday (I’ve decided to ignore my age and just be thankful for the exhilarating, giddy […]

21st May ’17: The blue of cherubs

Happy Sunday, my colour-loving friends. I ADORE this blue. According to #colourpsychology, blue symbolises intelligence and serenity. If so, this specific blue must be at the very pinnacle of wisdom and calm. Pale periwinkle blue makes me think of painted Italian church ceilings where chubby cherubs sit amidst impossibly beautiful skies. It is a blue that […]

20th May ’17: Fruits for fashion & friendship

Happy Saturday, insta-peeps 🍋🍊🍓🍇🍉🍌🍒🍍🍑 Everywhere I look there’s fruit. Whether it’s interiors, fashion or stationary, it’s all about fruit. My bestie @style_mumhas long been a devoted worshipper of all things pineapple (they denote friendship which, for someone with so many friends, seems most appropriate). But not everyone’s a fruit motif fan. Whilst happy to eat the […]

18th May ’17: The pull of Tiffany blue

Happy Thursday, colour-chums 👗👗👗 As you may know by now, the Colour File philosophy is pretty much ‘colour for colour’s sake’. Personally, I don’t think you ever need to make excuses for using colour boldly and brazenly. Since launching The Colour File I’ve learned that how colour makes people feel on an emotional level is […]