1st May ’17: In memory of Merv

Happy Sunday, lovely people.
I hope you don’t mind me indulging myself slightly today but I’m going to dedicate this posting to my uncle Mervyn James who died on Saturday. He was the most wonderful human – super-kind, super-sharp and with the most incredible sense of the ridiculous. I remember going to his menswear shop in Ross-On-Wye as a child and marvelling at row-upon-row of brightly-coloured ties and thinking how cool it would be to wear all those colours at the same time. He loved both irreverence and decorum, the banal and the cultured (he’d tell tales of his trips to France when he acted as driver to one of his best chums, playwright Dennis Potter) and was truly a man for all seasons. Aren’t we all lucky to know such people, folks? RIP Merv. Love to you all.
Martha, The Colour File x

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