2nd May ’17: Wild flower shelfie

Happy Tuesday, folks 💛👚💜
As much as I love montages, I’ve been desperately missing shelfscapes. So, yesterday, my second-in-command and I braved the dust and debris of The Colour File HQ and clambered over boxes to rectify the situation. And now I feel SO much better. On the way in, I also noticed a profusion of beautiful, bolshy weeds growing outside and thought I’d pick some to share with you. Pretty, aren’t they? It reminded me of that gardeners’ adage, ‘A weed is only a plant growing in the ‘wrong’ place’. I love these boot sale buttons, too. My second-in-command reminded me that, apparently, one of his relatives came up with the idea for displaying buttons on cards, so maybe there’s some kind of poetic justice in me loving them so much. I think haberdashery rocks (which makes me very un-rock n roll, I know). Have a tip-top day, folks.

Martha, The Colour File x

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