4th May ’17: Black beauty

Happy Thursday, my colourful friends 🖤🎱🎮🕳🖤
I returned to The Colour File HQ last night to check on building progress when I heard an ominous-sounding *drip, drip, drip*. I looked up to discover that water does, indeed, always find a way – this time, through the porch roof. But in looking up, I also spotted my ‘black shelf’ – hitherto uncharted territory as far as The Colour File blog is concerned. And so, my leak misfortune did, at least, yield some benefits. As you may know, I love it when objects are concealed or camouflaged because of colour or pattern, so these black books and objects against this @farrowandball black pleases me enormously. In taking the books off their high perch, I was also able to reacquaint myself with some special tomes – my mum’s pocket Shakespeare book she bought when she was a teenager and a volume of women’s poetry she later bought for me. There’s also a dictionary from my trainee hack days on rules for writers (some set in stone, others made to be challenged or broken) plus a book by a writer who, I think, shows how to do it better than anyone I’ve ever read – Martha Gellhorn. Not one wasted word. OK, now come in a bit. Look closer – can you see a box of @theschooloflifelondon ‘The Psychology of Colour’ pencils sneakily snuck between the books? A guide tucked inside says that black is the colour for when ‘we want to keep our cool’. I’ll remember that as I’m emptying the bucket of rainwater in a bit…Have a great [dry] day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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