9th May ’17: The challenges of colour-love

Happy Tuesday, Colour Filers.
I don’t know about you but most of my vivid memories have a colour connection. Some of them are positive (like the simple joy I felt when I spotted purple soap in an elderly neighbour’s cloakroom when I was five) and some are negative, like what I or someone else was wearing when something sad happened or I was given momentous news. I recently read about the #nlp exercise of bleeding the colour out of intense situations to remove their potency in a bid to move on and recover from difficult situations. My technicolour memory does, I realise, play against me at these times because I acutely recall scenarios by visual references and they sit in my brain like resistant, fluorescent photographs. For good memories that’s fine – for the bad or sad it can be a challenge. And so, I’m currently spending time trying to bleach certain images in my brain so that I see them in 2-D black, white and grey. And boy, is it a challenge! As I do this, I’m also wondering if focusing on brightly coloured images of other things may help, either as a distraction or possibly even as an aid to retraining my brain. Today I’m focusing on this one as my antidote and I’m hoping it’ll help. See you tomorrow.

Martha, The Colour File x

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