11th May ’17: Tupperware memories

Hi from Rye.

Hands up who remembers Tupperware? The company still exists and the products have, of course, been much emulated. But I’m of the opinion that there’s nothing like the pastel-coloured beauties that emerged in the 70s (or was it even the 60s?). We had so much of the stuff at home that we even had a ‘Tupperware Cupboard’. It was high up – waaay too high for my diminutive mum, so her solution was to deftly overarm the Tupperware in then quickly slam the door. Not ideal if you were the hapless person to get something from that cupboard next. I also had an aunt who loved the stuff so much that my Uncle Merv said ‘She’d have a Tupperware bed if she could.’ So, with so many Tupperware tales to regale, I was thrilled to see these beakers in Rye yesterday. However, they did also bring back memories of a) how everything tasted of plastic when you drank or ate from them and b) how much they leaked (my gym leotard was trashed by Ribena because of an ill-fitting Tupperware lid). Still love the colours, though. Anyway, have a fantabulous day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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