15th May ’17: The full spectrum

Happy Monday, folks ❤️🦊🙂💚💙👕🌂☂️
Let’s start the week with the full, pleasing spectrum. I was recently sent this scrumptious box of ‘Psychology of Colour’ pencils by @theschooloflifelondon. A little pamphlet tucked inside says that each colour we come across in life is ‘subtly connected to a web of experiences and associations’ that may be commonplace (such as ‘seeing red’) but can also be idiosyncratic (for example, their two browns are ‘dignity’ and ‘mellowness’ but make me feel ‘yuk’ and ‘yukkier’). I’m interested to know: what word do you associate with your favourite and your least favourite colours? The other colourful objects in this montage include one of my new favourite things – vintage towels. Yes, that’s right – towels that other people don’t want anymore. It’s a Marmite issue, I know, and I can already feel you dividing into ‘yes!’ and ‘no!!!’ camps. But I’m of the opinion that not only are they satisfyingly soft because of their age (I always wish I could give towels to people to use for me before returning them to me, worn and faded, years later) they’re also very stylish. Anyway, let me leave you to digest this info. Oh, and let me know if you’ll be happy to be my official towel-wearer-outer. No? I hear you. See you on the other side.

Martha, The Colour File x  

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