16th May ’17: A Clockwork Orange door

Happy Tuesday, dear friends.
I’m currently obsessed with front doors. Imagine my dismay on reading that, in a world filled with colours, Britain’s favourite door colour is WHITE – then imagine my joy at coming out of The Colour File HQ recently and seeing this little beauty (top right). The house, owned by a good friend, was once home to Anthony Burgess of A Clockwork Orange fame (he wrote several books there). And, as an homage to the writer in the centenary of his birth, my friend has painted her door this sumptuous, gleaming (and, it transpires, daring) ‘Heat’ orange. Who could possibly refuse it a blue plaque now?…The picture below, in similar, rich hues, is from @habitatuk and is by my super-talented cousin Lisa James (link in blog www.the.colourfile.com). As you can see, if you can’t be daring with your door, you can at least sneak some colour into your home somewhere. Have a tip-top day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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