17th May ’17: Colour clusters rule

Happy humpday, lovely people.
‘What is your favourite colour?’ must be one of life’s easier questions to answer, right? Wrong. Well, at least, not round these parts. Like so many things, when I was as a kid it was all so simple: purple all the way. Easy peasy. But now its soooo much more complex (like life itself, maybe?). Now I’m all about colour ‘clusters’. On the one hand, maybe I’m just PR-ing the fact that I’m indecisive. On the other hand, whilst majestic on their own, I think most colours sing their best songs when slung together. Purple, pink, yellow and green are my dream team. For me, they’re the gang that has it all – impressive, winsome, sassy and quirky. All characteristics represented, like Sex And The City but in colour form. Being in their presence is, I feel, like being part of the best group of diverse yet likeminded friends ever (a bit like being at the @mothersmeetings#mmbizclub yesterday – thanks, ladies 💕). So here they are, in shelfscape form, being my perfect quartet. What do you reckon? Do you have favourite colour clusters, too? And how do they make you feel? I’d love to know.

Martha, The Colour File x

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