21st May ’17: The blue of cherubs

Happy Sunday, my colour-loving friends.
I ADORE this blue. According to #colourpsychology, blue symbolises intelligence and serenity. If so, this specific blue must be at the very pinnacle of wisdom and calm. Pale periwinkle blue makes me think of painted Italian church ceilings where chubby cherubs sit amidst impossibly beautiful skies. It is a blue that speaks so quietly you could easily pass over it for the more vocal electric blue, cobalt blue or vibrant turquoise. But whilst they squabble and shout (“Me! I’M the bluest!!”), this blue sits there with serene confidence. “I was around LONG before you were. I am babies’ eyes! I am the SKY!” My Colour File visit to @libertylondon yesterday brought me pale sky blues aplenty, including this perfect blue and gold @msgm coat which, I think, must surely come with a cooing cherub. Then there’s a top I plan to wear if I ever re-enact that field scene from A Room With A View (see, I told you I’m an old romantic). Anyway, have a tranquil Sunday and I’ll see you later for the colour influencer Q&A.
Martha, The Colour File x

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