22nd May ’17: Celebrating rainbow-style

Happy Monday, dear friends 🎟 ❤️📙🔑🔫🗾⛴👾☂️
It’s a day of celebration today – celebrating the life of my uncle Merv (whose memorial service we’ve been asked to wear bright colours for – consider it done ✔️) and also celebrating my birthday (I’ve decided to ignore my age and just be thankful for the exhilarating, giddy joy of being alive). And so, to mark the day, here are some super-brights. I recently read that multicolour hasn’t always been considered desirable and that the term ‘striped layman’ (relating to multicoloured hose) was used in the early Reformation to describe people ‘of little education’. Bright clothing was considered crass and uncouth (I wouldn’t have stood a chance back then). Thankfully the modern world is much more colour-forgiving. Here are some beauties I snapped in Bordeaux last summer and in @libertylondon at the weekend, including this @anaromerocollection silk cushion that I lost what felt like hours gazing in and beyond the grids of, and a divine @n21_official striped ruffle dress that I’d willingly go back to the 1920s for to wear with true flapper flourish. Have a great day. You have my permission to crack open the cooking sherry and eat too much cake.
Martha, The Colour File x

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