25th May ’17: Crimson joy

Happy Thursday, lovely people ❤️🚒🏎🗼☎️⏰🎈✂️🖍❤️
I’m still giddy from last Saturday’s @libertylondon colour pilgrimage. I can’t recommend it enough if, like me, you appear to need colour as much as you need oxygen. I fell in love with the @manoloblahnikhq shoes in bright, captivating jewel colours (NB to the woman trying on the cobalt blue ones – I hope you bought them. They made you walk tall) and was thrilled to see these lookey-likey crimson versions in @zara. I have also been feeling pretty smug that my 50p (yes, that’s right: 50p) red car boot sale lace and chiffon dress looks remarkably like this super (but super-pricey) Valentino number. OK, smugfest over 😁. Red is the favourite colour of around one in ten of us (blue, apparently, wins hands down for men and women alike). It’s about passion, energy and confidence – characteristics we can, I’m sure, all do with a bit of assistance with at times. All hail the power of red ❤️🚒🏎🗼☎️⏰🎈✂️🖍❤️

See you tomorrow.
Martha, The Colour File x

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