30th May ’17: Crocus Petal Purple

Happy Tuesday, dear friends 👾👾👾.

Talking of friends, there is a possibility that I may be one of the world’s biggest Friends fans. I know pretty much every episode by heart yet still I never tire of it. It helps me sleep (I have a series on my phone for those moments of insomnia) and it helps to lift my spirits (I mentioned its powers in the chapter I did for the @penguinukbooks @mindcharityDear Stranger anthology about mental health and happiness). One of the many things that gives me comfort and succour is the familiar colours on the Friends’ set. That purple in Monica’s flat…*sigh*. It really is something else (swipe for a pic of Ross, complete with fake tan, in front of the purple door). I recently searched online for similar paint and found Crocus Petal Purple 2071-14 by @benjaminmoore who describe the colour as ‘as welcome as the early spring crocus budding through the snow.’ Precisely (I think I may have fallen in love with whoever wrote that 💜). In all my time snapping pics for The Colour File, I’ve found this crocus petal purple to be one of the most elusive colours around. I hardly ever see it and when I do I jump for joy, like I did when I spotted these shutters in Bordeaux last summer and on the interior of one of artist Bob Osborne’s pieces of art. Have you seen this lesser-spotted colour recently? I’d love to know where – please feel free to let me know.

Martha, The Colour File x

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