31st May ’17: Smokey blue

Hello from The Colour File 🐋👤👕

When my second-in-command & I popped into @hackandveldt cafe yesterday, I sat and lusted over their logo for a while (see 3-D version, bottom right). The smokey blue got me thinking of my bedroom wallpaper when I was around 11. Being the 1980s, it was, naturally, a @lauraashleyuk Victorian-inspired floral number, a busy repeat of tiny flowers in Smoke and Cream (the same colour-way as top left and on the scrap of patchwork I did around the same time, swipe for pic). Now, I don’t recall having a ‘blue period’ but it would seem it didn’t last too long. At around 14 and viewing flowers as deeply uncool (it was all about primary-coloured @habitatuk stripes by then), I decided enough was enough. I went into the cellar one night, found a tin of white emulsion and stealthily set to work painting over the wallpaper. By the morning, the florals were history. I’m back on flowers these days but, unlike Laura Ashley herself who apparently once said “Who wants to live with a design that jumps out at them?”, I love something more bold and strident. In fact, a design is free to ‘jump out’ at me as much as it likes. Anyway, I’m off to the inspirational  @bellemodelle14 shortly to indulge my colour addiction. Catch you later.
Martha, The Colour File x

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